“The live entertainment space in India has just started to open up” – Keyur Parikh, CEO, Twisted Talents

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Keyur Parikh, CEO of Twisted Talents an emerging talent management company with a unique standpoint. In live entertainment arena, that stakes its reputation of being ’challenging’, many talent management companies are struggling to stand their ground. The need of the hour is to offer not just potential talents, but talent with ’novelty’ written all over it, the like of which the world has yet to see. And this exact idea is what Twisted Talents capitalize on, providing customized talent with a unique twist. ACTFAQs team got a chance to interact with Keyur Parikh, the brain behind the unique talent management solution ’Twisted Talents’. Excerpts from same.

What propelled you to create a novel talent management company like ’Twisted Talent’? The vision behind it?

The live entertainment space in India has just started to open up. Audiences are always looking for something new and are ready to experiment, which in turn created the space and demand for new independent and niche artists. We understood this evolving sector and its audience well, thus, Twisted Talents was born

When curating an exclusive content for an event, what kind of R&D does Twisted Talents put forth that sets it apart from others in the field?

While curating exclusive content we understand the audience and accordingly suggest content, there are acts available for every kind of audience. However, we further enhance those acts by customizing them and making them specific to the audiences taste.

Twisted Talents USP lies in providing talents with twist for events, give us brief about the kind of unique talents in your repository?

Yes, our USP lies in unique entertainment which is providing talents with a twist. Currently we have Aquabatix – World’s leading water ballet group from UK, and Lakshya Bhatnagar – A young Singer/ Composer with USP in Retro Repair, we also have strategic alliances with other International Acts from Ukraine, Sweden, Japan and USA and many other countries. Also, soon we will be announcing our association with a leading Bollywood singer, who has given many hits and comes from a known family of musicians.

We noticed, your talent entourage also consists of international acts, what kind of demand does international talent enjoy in Indian entertainment frontline?

The Indian audience is now far more evolved than it was a few years back. They are travelling the globe and are being exposed to International entertainment via satellite television & digital media. Thus, International acts enjoy high demand in India for all kind of events.

How difficult it is to promote an experienced talent as opposed to a newbie? What kind of strategy do you apply when promoting fresh acts?

Experienced talent already has a reach due to the exposure and demand, however there is always a chance of being over exposed. New talent needs its own time to be promoted, marketed and established. The DNA of new talent is the freshness it gets and it grows on the audience over a period of time. We push this uniqueness and make it appealing for clients to experience something new and more entertaining.

As a pioneer force in live entertainment space, what do you think it takes to transform an aspirant talent into a full fledge brand?

Time and Patience

What is Twisted Talents doing to discover potential talents and subsequently mentor/groom them?

We are constantly finding new talent around us, we use our expertise and pick the talent we see has the potential to become an industry name. Moreover, artists who are keen to customize their content is a win win for them, us and the event industry at large. We create a platform for the talent and market them as unique entertainment with constant mutual brainstorming and strategizing on what different can be offered to create the niche.

What is next for Twisted Talents?

Sky is the limit and so is the case in the field of entertainment. There are new things happening all the time. We are constantly upgrading ourselves on use of technology and innovations which are now a strong selling point for any good successful event. We look forward to create a set of offering around these innovations and technology with unique talent being the core of Twisted Talents.