Popular Singer Papon Releases New Assamese Pop Album


One of India’s most recognisable voices, producer and singer Papon has released his new Assamese album, NotunPuhor, much to the delight of his fans.

His first Assamese album in seven years, ‘NotunPuhor’ (means new light), features six songs on the theme that is as personal as love, loneliness and life.

Blessed with a voice and style that is smooth and soulful, Papon has successfully positioned himself as a versatile singer and composer while being rooted in folk music.

His new Assamese album, NotunPuhor – his first in seven years – showcases Papon’s ease with humble melodies and emotion-filled lyrics, but also shines a light on his contemporary influences like electronic and rock music. This new album represents the next step in his journey as a musician as he tackles new sonic textures.

Heavily influenced by synths and electric guitar, NotunPuhor is Papon 2.0. “I’ve matured as a composer, and I feel that now I can strike a balance between old school and new styles of music. The music is very modern, stylish but the lyrics at the heart of the album will speak to a lot of people,” says Papon of NotunPuhor.

The lyrics of this song are a glimpse into Papon’s mind and his outlook towards life and people today. Though tinged with melancholy and grimness, the lyrics are also hopeful and welcoming of life’s challenges.