NCPA Aadi Anant Music Festival Returns With Its 7th Edition

A tribute to Vanraj Bhatia Musical Show at Tata Theatre, NCPA on 01/03/2017. Photo By : NARENDRA DANGIYA.

The National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) is back with the much anticipated 7th edition of Citi NCPA Aadi Anant Music Festival to celebrate the ‘Guru-Shishya’ Heritage Of Indian Music. The travelling Indian music festival will host two much awaited performances in Mumbai after a successful run in Pune. The festival will showcase Tabla maestro Zakir Hussain and flautist, Rakesh Chaurasia on 3rd December 2017. This will be followed by father and son violin duo L. Subramaniam and Ambi Subramaniam on 9th December 2017, along with a special performance by Corky Siegel on vocals and harmonica.

Conceived jointly by Citi India and the NCPA, the festival is a unique initiative that harnesses, promotes and preserves the rich musical heritage of India through the Guru-Shishya tradition that has existed for centuries in the country. This year, Aadi Anant (Aadi – the beginning, Anant- the timeless) will span across five cities Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

Every year, Aadi Anant attempts to raise the bar in terms of the performances they bring to the discerning audiences across cities. This year, the audience in Mumbai will get a chance to be a part of two truly versatile experiences.

The first performance, on December 3rd, will bring together the Tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain and the renowned flaustist, Rakesh Churasia on the same stage. Zakir Hussain’s contribution to world music and percussion has been par excellence and has not only established him as a national treasure in India, but gained him worldwide fame. Rakesh Chaurasia who has trained under legendary Hariprasad Chaurasia has carved a niche for himself, as an accomplished flautist. Incorporating the tradition of his trainer and infusing his personal style, he has evolved a style which while maintaining the purity of the flute manages to capture the attention of younger generation of listeners.

Subramaniam and Ambi Subramaniam – will further demonstrate the concept of Aadi – Anant through their performance on 9th December. The father and son duo who also are a compatible Guru and Shishya team will bring the best of traditional Carnatic music to the limelight. They will be accompanied by the great blues harmonica maestro, Corky Siegel, who is also a composer, blues pianist, singer and songwriter. Dr. L. Subramaniam is an internationally renowned violinist and composer, who has collaborated with legendary musicians across the world. While remaining within the roots of Carnatic music, he has made pioneering efforts in the field of Indo-Jazz fusion. With over 200 recordings to his credit, some of his fusion works are considered as milestones. Joining him is his son and disciple, Ambi Subramaniam who will first take to the stage presenting traditional Carnatic music. In the grand finale, the duo will engage in a crossover musical dialogue with Corky Siegel.

Mr Khushroo N Suntook, NCPA Chairman said, “Today, more than ever before, there is a pressing need to preserve our artistic legacy that dates back to at least three thousand years. As a National Centre dedicated to performing arts, we are aware of our responsibility towards propagating the best in the arts.Having undertaken several initiatives with our esteemed partner, Citi, to support the ‘Guru-shishya tradition’, we feel privileged to be able to contribute towards nurturing the great Indian heritage.”

Pramit Jhaveri, CEO, Citi India, said, “As we embark on the seventh year of the Citi-NCPA Aadi Anant festival of Indian music, we are both proud and pleased with its success and the following that the festival has been able to garner across several cities in India. The Aadi Anant festival not only showcases Indian music through the ages, it also reaffirms the ancient tradition of Guru’s imparting knowledge and expertise to students through the Guru Shishya Parampara, thereby providing young talented musicians a platform to demonstrate their own potential and skills.‎”

The three-month long festival spanning five cities – Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Ahmedabad will feature much acclaimed and respected maestros of classical music this year; including Zakir Hussain (tabla), Ulhas Kashalkar (vocal), Kaushiki Chakraborty (vocal), Mame Khan (vocal), L. Subramaniam (violin), Corky Siegel (vocal and harmonica),  amongst others.

In addition to the festival, the Citi-NCPA partnership focuses on the age-old ‘Guru-Shishya tradition’. The initiative covers the following four interrelated programs which have a direct bearing on the preservation and propagation of Indian music. Each project works closely at the grassroots level to provide an impetus to the growth, preservation and propagation of Indian classical music.

Program 1: Support to Guru’s: Under this scheme Guru-s receive financial support to train three promising disciples each, in the traditional format of one-on-one teaching. The program is free of cost for the disciples.

Program 2: Scholarships to Young Musicians: This scheme is meant for talented amateurs (age group: 18-30 years old) in the field of Hindustani music (vocal –dhrupad and khayal, instrumental music – melody and percussion). A total of nine scholarships are given annually based on the quality of performance in a live audition.

Program 3: Introducing Music Training to School Children: This program aspires to provide engagement with music to school children from any background.