Natura’s aerial rigging for Shakuntala


Act: Shakuntala written by Kalidasa

Concept Designed by: Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla

Event Management: Engineered Productions

Program Director: Avishkar Tendle, Natura


About the Project

Natura created elaborate aerial acts for a Contemporary Dance Production.
Natura Adventure Crew developed some of their most innovative rigging for a dance extravaganza created by Nrityarutya Indian Contemporary Dance Company at a recent wedding gala designed by Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani. The event was managed by Engineered Productions.    

Mayuri Upadhya of Nritarutya choreographed an elaborate retelling of Shakuntala especially produced for the wedding celebration. One of the most popular Bollwood stars, Rani Mukherji, starred in the production.

Natura’s Role

Natura Adventure Crew was brought in to rig the aerial acts and Live Special Effects (LFX/Live-FX) needed to make several ambitious elements come alive on stage.
Gaurang Swarge, fresh from his stint with National Academy of Stunt Action and Rigging (NASAR) Australia, led the team in one of their most innovative rigging jobs. Natura debuted its X-traverse System, a proprietary cross-travel rigging mechanism that allowed two props fly independent across the stage on the same system. This way, an important scene in the narrative, that of a large fish and a boat (which had Rani Mukerji in it) travelling toward each, was brought to life. For Shakuntala the Natura team had to design multiple flying systems that would portray the magnitude of the emotion, one of the most prominent systems were used for  the pivotal scene of the story where in Shakuntala portrayed by Rani Mukherji was to be shown travelling in a boat across the stage during which a giant fish came and swallowed the ring that was on her finger, now considering we had to bring in a wow factor and make the whole scene larger than life, the boat and the fish were both on a cross travel flying system which would create the illusion of them being in water while being on stage

The Result

The systems had to be designed in way that would accommodate a star like Rani Mukerji being comfortable seated in the rig while the boat literally flew from one side of the stage to the other by using a complex system of rope and pulley mechanisms.

Watch Natura at Work