Meet Vineeth Vincent, India’s Prime Beatboxing Boy Wonder

Vineeth Vincent Beatboxing Boy
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Vineeth Vincent a professional beatboxer, Emcee, Musician and performing artist who holds the Guinness World record for leading the largest Beatboxing ensemble that involved 1,246 beatboxers, hails from Bangalore, Karnataka.

No he doesn’t need expensive machines to emit futuristic sounds, nor does he feels the need to invest in expensive bass speakers or amplifiers, just give him a microphone and he will stagger your mind. Live shows don’t get tedious; Auditoriums don’t get silent when Vineeth is the Emcee. His flair to entertain the crowd fills life into a live show.

In the Bollywood overshadowed Rap crazy era, introducing an unsigned artist is not an easy task to achieve, but Vineeth resolutely went on to achieve and preserve the title of India’s best beatboxer for over a decade .Stay hooked as ACTFAQs interviews Vineeth Vincent , India’s Prime Beatboxing Boy Wonder

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What inspired you to take beatboxing as a career? How has the journey been so far?

Beatboxing for me is a means to an end. It is a bridge between doing music and having conversations with people. The journey has been interesting. I’m not a very technical beatboxer. I am more of an entertainer than a musician.

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How do you manage to make a repertoire of sounds by just using your mouth?

It is unlearning the patterns of speech and the way we are taught to use our voice and mouth. One needs to relearn using the human voice.

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You have travelled a lot around India, has any of your travel experience made an influence on your Music?

Travel has changed me as an individual. I’m not really sure how much of a change it has made on my music.

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Unlike other genres of music like hip-hop, Beatboxing doesn’t command the same popularity in India, why do you think that is? What are you doing on your part to push Beatboxing to the forefront of the Indian music scene?

Beatboxing is one of the 5 core elements of Hip Hop. It is less than 8 years old in India. The genre is still a baby here in this country, but thanks to the internet, the growth has been fast. I have done my bit with the beatboxing scene. It is left to the rest of the bunch to bring the quality forward.

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In your decade long career, you have collaborated with international beatboxers, how has it shaped your career?

Looking at videos of these international beatboxers is one thing and jamming with them on stage is another. Their approach to the concept of entertainment and live performances teach me something. There is a lot to learn from any experience.

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You are also a talent manager, what kind of talents are you managing at present, what strategy do you apply when it comes to a new artist?

As a talent manager, I look at how entertaining the person is. People pay to be entertained. Your level of technicality and how good you are as a beatboxer is secondary in a live gig scenario. A battle is a whole different ball game.

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How does being creative as a Beatboxer compare to being creative as an emcee?

It does make being on stage so much more fun. I can throw a sound effect or two in there somewhere to pep things up. And in case things get boring, beatboxing turns out to be a good party starter.

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If a person who is unaware about beat boxing comes up to you and questions you about the science of beatboxing what would be your advice?

I would have a conversation with them and explain the basics of Beatboxing. For more information, I would ask them to google – ’Beatbox Tutorials’

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Any words of inspiration for the aspiring Beatboxers out there?

Keep at the practice and have fun with what you do. Work with other musicians and beatboxers to get better at your style. Look at collective development and don’t put a newbie down. Everyone starts somewhere.

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Any upcoming events or performance the audience should look forward to?

I’m heading to Delhi for a gig with Young Indians / CII and after which I’m heading to Kerala for a gig at NIT Calicut. I’m going to be off the scene for a couple of months, but I’m going to come back strong. That is a promise, unless I die. Then I won’t be resurrecting from the dead.

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