Karan Johar Unveils His Maiden Online Jewellery Brand – Tyaani.com

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Producer, Director, Writer, Talk show host, Karan Johar is truly a multi-faceted talent. With the launch of Tyaani fine jewellery, he brings his distinctive touch to the worlds of both jewellery and retail.

Speaking about his maiden jewellery line Karan said, “I wanted to create a brand that is more accepted, more affable and goes well with your personality; not daunting or overwhelming. Polki travelled from the Mughal era to present time… in big occasions, on the red carpet, an international fashion show… Polki has travelled everywhere. “So, Shravan Satyani of Tyaani Jewellery and I decided to create a line for all ages, all stages and that’s what we have done.”

Tyaani.com is the Pret collection of jewellery launched by renowned jewelers Satyani Fine Jewels. Known to be ahead of the jewellery curve, Satyani Fine Jewels has been responsible for creating and driving the Polki niche in the market, with many jumping onto this bandwagon over the last few years. The Satyani ‘Chandbali by Maheep Kapoor’ is a part of the must-have Polki Jewellery of much of Mumbai’s swish set.

Armed with this knowledge and passion, Shravan Satyani created this online jewellery line at Tyaani.com. The purpose of this collection is to make Jadau Jewellery, which is currently seen as uber luxury, accessible to all.

The Tyaani collection is ultra-lightweight and easy to wear. It is highly affordable jewllery online and most importantly it is certified by the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). Shravan Satyani’s endeavor to democratize Polki Jewellery, is no easy feat given how unorganized this sector is. Tyaani.com strives to ensure a complete customer focus both in terms of design and pricing, as well as full disclosure on all elements of the price of the product you purchase.

Tyaani.com through this site for online jewellery, strives to encapsulate Indian values and sentiments with its artistic outlook on jewellery design, polki sets and uncut diamond overall. Tyaani‘s Collection aims to get women back in touch with their roots, harking on their desire for contemporary looks and styles in uncut diamond jewellery.

The zeal and dedication which drives Tyaani.com plays a pivotal role in setting it apart from mainstream jewellery marketers and bringing this type of jewellery online. Prioritizing the sensibilities of customers, the Polki Jewellery Collection at Tyaani.com caters to the Indian woman living in modern society.