India’s Largest Street Collab ‘Suede Gully’ With 36 Dancers, 8 Rappers & 7 Artists Is Finally Out!

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In celebration of Puma’s iconic Suede sneaker, Suede Gully brings out the true essence of the streets of India – where art meets rebellion, culture meets swag, and music meets colour. The music video has been set against the magnificent backgrounds of Mumbai, Delhi, Shillong and Madurai. The video itself is a marvel and features eight distinct rappers belting out rhymes in 4 different languages—Mumbai rapper Divine and his team of hip-hop artists like Prabh Deep, Shillong rap crew Khasi Bloodz and Madurai-based artist Madurai Souljour. Each artist shows off their skills in a variety of languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Khasi. It is prepped as a vibrant, colourful stage by the likes of street artists like Shilo Shiv Suleman, Anpu, Zake, The Indian Artist and Baadal Nanjudaswamy. The graffiti created by them is stupendous and captures each & every colour of the ‘gully’.

Speaking on the campaign, Debosmita Majumder, Head of Marketing, Puma (India) said, “Today’s youth have taken to modern forms of self-expression, giving rise to a new generation of creators. They use the streets as a canvas to express themselves through various forms of art, music and dance.  For the first time in India, Puma is bringing these diverse art forms on a single platform – Suede Gully. Suede Gully is our attempt to bring to the forefront the true essence of Indian street culture.”

Speaking on the work, Vishnu Srivatsav, Creative Head, DDB Mudra South said, “Puma’s Suede has always been a voice of street culture and Suede Gully looks to bring to life the incredibly unique and diverse culture and expression of our very own gullies. It’s art, its music, its culture and it’s fashion.  So many people, folks who live for their art, from different corners of the country, bringing their awesome talents to collaborate on this platform, that’s really special.”