Illuminati’s Creative Product Launch

Illuminati's Creative Product Launch

Kartik R, Founder – Illuminati (UV & Tron Acts)

About the Project:

Illuminati was chosen as the launch ACT™ Artist for the all new Transitions Signature VII Lens (Graphite Green). The team designed 2 customized UV acts (logo launch and product launch) and performed across 4 cities in India – Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi in the first week of August. The logo unveiling of Transitions Signature VII Lens was high point of the first act – A large eye split into 2 from centre revealing the Transitions logo in UV lights. The second act i.e. product launch focused on communicating the features of new product.

Result/Response of the Project so far:

The audience were very receptive and acknowledged the features communicated through the Illuminati UV acts. It was the first time that the audience experienced a unique launch and appreciated the performance particularly for balancing the communication well with creative entertainment.

Advantages associated with the Project:

4 city tour

`A complex product launch simplified by Illuminati` – these are the words of our client. It adds immense weight to our portfolio as Clients trust us to launch such complicated product. End client was extremely happy and satisfied with the results and promised full support for future projects.

Internally, it boosts our confidence further as we can launch anything and everything using our creativity in Blacklight/ UV lights! Hence, we are open to bigger challenges of presenting the most complex/ detailed products/ services through our beautiful art, creatively and effectively.

Marketing Strategy to connect with the Target Group for this project:

Team Illuminati conceptualised the story incorporating key features and benefits by comparing ordinary lens with the new Transitions Signature VII Lens. The acts were created keeping the customer/ user as the protagonist so that the audience (dealers) could understand how the new LENS is superior from existing ones in different light conditions i.e. Indoor, Outdoor, Direct Light and Indirect Light. The climax was aimed at presenting the unique Graphite Green colour targeted at youth. A special beach dance segment was choreographed to address this. It was carefully designed with attention to details to ensure that the dealers walk out with full product knowledge. They did!