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The new season is about to begin and the script is not in place! Worse, this season will see not only new characters but also an entirely new kingdom. The series director is at his wits end. Come; help him write the screen play. Are you Game of Thrones fan? Then create your own stories & create a new world. Never seen a Game of Thrones episode? Then they need you! The characters and stories are all new anyway. Dates: 16th and 23rd April Time: 8.30 PM onwards Venue: Cuckoo Club by The Hive: Bandra (W), 5AA, Pali Hill Road, Next Gate to Candies, Near Learners Academy, Bandra (West), Mumbai.



An actor for 17 years, Naveen made his movie debut in ’’Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year’’ and his role and movie clippings are used as sales training tools today!


Mukul is a well-known face in theater and cinema. His films include Gurgaon, to be released in 2016, Shaadi ke Side Effects and Ekk Main Aur Ek Tu,


Yogesh Upadhyaya is one of the most experienced improvisers in the group and has performed Improv Theater for five years.


Now that Suhanis of legal age to drive and vote, she can not only spell improv right, but do it too. What keeps her busy besides her BFF’s and mocha would be writing poems and short stories, dance, creative pot thoughts, script writing, acting for the screen and Improv.


Ankit has that twinkle in his eye about landing the opportunity to escape from his day-time job. He too has acting on his mind. Called the ’physical-king’ in the improv troupe for his bold use of physical artistry in improv, he has been practicing and performing improv for the last 4 and a half years.


Film Actor, Improviser, Comedian, Entertainer, started theatre in the year 2007. He has acted in many ad films since. He has acted in Bollywood with films like ‘Katti Batti’ under his belt. He has also been the host of ‘Cheeky Singles’ on Star Sports. He started performing with Improv Comedy Mumbai in 2013 and is a senior member of the Improv ensemble.


While Improv or Improvisation has been used in theatre training and script development for a long time, Improv as an independent performing art form is a recent phenomenon in the world. Our ensemble, ‘ICM Popcorn’ is at the cutting edge of this phenomenon and we perform hour long, fully improvised plays. In a popcorn performance, we take suggestions from the audience and create a play right there in front of the audience. There is no pre-decided script or even a discussion!

The element of ’free fall’ of working without a script creates a very different dynamic for the audience and many audience members have described the experience as something between a play and an exciting sports match.


Improv Comedy Mumbai (ICM) as the name suggests, is an Improvisational comedy group that has been performing Improv in India since 2009. The group performs scenes and games along the lines of the American TV show ’Whose Line Is It Anyway?’.

Under the direction of Adam Dow, ICM has been able to grow and fill the need of Improvisational Theatre in India by creating a group of professionally trained improvisers and performers who will provide quality entertainment both to people in India as well as to an international audience.

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ACTTM: Naveen Kaushik, Mukul Chadda, Yogesh Upadhyaya, Suhani Mardia, Ankit Challa, Gavin Methalka