Eric Pare Creator, Light Spin


About the Project – Light spin

I created LightSpin to explore light-painting + stop-motion + bullet-time all at once. It turned out to be much more than a technology-related project as the dancers gave me awesome improvisations, and really brought me to a place I didn`t expected. Now I talk about the project simply as a dance project. This is how it evolved in my mind.

I did the project in April 2013 in Montreal. I invited 25 dancers. I had only one hour with each of them. 15 minutes to introduce the system, and brief about the way to move, then 45 minutes to try a couple of sequences. Each sequence could last around 10 minutes, but once animated, the duration was only a couple of seconds.

The artistes involved with the project

Alex Morin, Angie Cheng, Coralie Muroni, Cori Kresge, Daphnée Laurendeau, Dylan Crossman, Emmanuelle Bourassa Beaudoin, Erin Poole, Esther Rousseau-Morin, Gabrielle Coulter, Georges-Nicolas Tremblay, Kim Henry, Leon Kupferschmid, Louis-Elyan Martin, Lucie Vigneault, Margie Gillis, Maria Simone, Mariane Leger, Merryn Kritzinger, Michael Watts, Mickaël Spinnhirny, Paul-André Fortier, Sarah Lefebvre, Simon Xavier Lefebvre, Tom Casey

Challenges faced during execution

As I`m working in a 360 degree circle, I am surrounded by cameras, and it`s hard to avoid spills of light for the surrounding cameras. I created half a million pictures for that project, so it was simply impossible to clear out the cameras in photoshop for each image, so I had to use a light that would be very concentrated on the dancer. I did a lot of tests before starting the project, and ended up using a neutral density filter roll on a flash light.

Response to this project

My work and my profile were published in many important websites (PetaPixel, FStoppers, CreatorsProject, CineMakers, Core77). But above that, this personal project made me work with very inspiring dancers who helped me define the style. Overall, even if I am very satisfied with the media response, what I really enjoyed was making the project itself, not getting the attention.