EMCEE Sarita Raghuvanshi, Making Every Event Memorable With Her Impeccable Elegance

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With every passing year, the need for an Anchor at an event has started gaining momentum; and so has the competition amongst them. However, what takes one ahead in life is their set of skills which can make that event an entertaining and interactive affair. One such name that has become popular in the event circuit is that of Sarita Raghuvanshi, an EMCEE, Corporate Presenter and Moderator, who holds an experience in anchoring for Corporate, Sports and Private events. ACTFAQs had an opportunity to know about her journey.

With a background in Engineering and Majors in English, what was the turning point in your career which directed you towards Anchoring?

Right from the school days, I was good at extempore, public speaking, elocution, debate etc. I represented my schools at various national platforms and won multiple accolades for them. This made me confident and aware of my flair for public speaking. Simultaneously, I was very good at my academics. And, in India ‘good’ students take up medicine or engineering and that’s how I landed in Engineering. During the college days, I was an integral part of the cultural committee that organized fests and also hosted a majority of them.

The turning point was the realization that anchoring could be a career option (a risky one though). My love for public speaking, stage, travelling & live entertainment overpowered the security that a 9 to 5 job offered. Hence, I took up this unconventional career path and here I am fairly successful at what I am doing and I believe that success has no finish line therefore it’s a long way to go.

With a first-hand experience in Marketing, what do you bring to table that other Anchors lack?

Marketing is all about understanding & reacting to behavioral aspects of people. I understand that people attending an event are from different demographic sections of the society, and that creates different segments within the target audience in every event. Since I have hands on experience in experiential marketing, gauging and reacting to the behavioral dynamics of these segments comes to me naturally and helps me in offering an experience that the audience would value or rather enjoy. It has also made me understand the value proposition of the brands that I representand their sensitivities & functionalities in a much better manner.

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You have several years of experience in hosting corporate and sports shows, how is anchoring different in Sports event with compared to Corporate shows?

One of my very dear friend once told me and I too have observed with my associations with sports events that the sports enthusiasts are very loyal, quite aggressive & unforgettable when it comes to the sport or the team that they follow. This inadvertently means that one has to have the complete technical knowledge of the sport and also be well equipped with the knowledge of the current happenings in that sporting fraternity. Though the corporate events require the same amount of technical know-how and understanding, the approach is totally different.

What are the key thingsthat you keep in mind to make the show a successful affair?

There is a lot of effort that goes into ensuring that every event is a successful one. The key factors that I keep in mind are:

  • Research: Adequate research about the event so that you say the right things
  • Appearance and Body Language: Pick an apt outfit for the event and keep your body language in sync with it.
  • Adaptability: The level of adaptability differentiates the good from the best
  • Humor: It’s not just the humor but it’s the timing that matters
  • Punctuality: I believe that ’Well begun is half done’.

You have been part of the fraternity for a number of years, how has the anchoring scene changed in the past few years in Corporate and Private Shows (Weddings, etc.)?

It has become more organized, less chaotic and innovative. The visibility has increased. From the days of the ‘pandal decorators’ to now live streaming of events across the globe and drones hovering around during the events.Technology has become an integral part of the events these days and the approach is more professional now. These are the changes that I have seen over the years.

Image Courtesy: www.facebook.com/EmceeSarita

You are one of the #famestars on the #fame; how did the association came about?

#fame initiated a conversation with me on my twitter handle. I liked the concept that they presented to me and they wanted me to be their famestar! It’s a damn good thing. Not everybody gets to be a Famestar.

I decided to go ahead and fortunately for me I got good a feedback from whoever I interacted with on #fame during my beam and I am glad that so many people could reach out to me over a completely different medium.

Over the years, you have had an opportunity to host for International audience, how is it different from anchoring for Indian crowd?

I follow one simple thumb rule, when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

I always keep the target audience in my mind and every event is dealt with a separate approach. According to me, the key for cracking any kind of audience across the globe is using the cultural references that the audience will relate to. Once you have the initial ice breaker going well, you know that the rest of the event is going to be a cake walk. After all, well begun is half done.

For example, when I am hosting an event in India, what works for me in Bangalore may not work for me in Mumbai or Delhi. Similarly what serves the purpose in Dubai might not be of any good in Singapore.

You have to suit the occasion and that is exactly how you prep for an event.

Image Courtesy: www.facebook.com/EmceeSarita

What are the upcoming projects for Sarita Raghuvanshi?

Well, my current projects are keeping me neck deep in work. In the next three months, I will be doing a travel series that would require me to travel to 10 Asian Countries (that’s all I am allowed to say right now). Also there is a Global Investors meet in Dubai and I am also in talks with a few regional directors for a few movie projects and one Hindi movie director for a short film.

Apart from emceeing, I also love writing and I have co-authored a book that is going to be released in mid 2016 and that is something that I am very excited about.

What would you suggest to the buddingtalents who wish to take up Anchoring as their profession?

As Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam said, “Dream before your dreams can come true.”All you have to do is work hard, stay focused and better yourself with every passing second.

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