Here’s some light-hearted, fun music from Bombay Bassment to check out! The urban music act from Mumbai – best known for rambunctious live performances – are out with a new EP, OK Dance, that does what it says on the tin!

The five tracks are a fun weave of reggae, hip-hop, Afro beats and carnival sounds that reinforce Bombay Bassment’s reputation as a feel-good, easy listening act. Bombay Bassment will also undertake a six-city tour of India, starting May 12 in Chennai.

Bombay Bassment, who performed at Glastonbury in 2015, are made up by Bobkat (Robert Omulo, MC), Ruell (Ruell Barretto, bass) and MajorC (Chandrashekhar Kunder, samples/percussion).

Mumbai-based urban music act to also undertake a six-city India tour this summer.

Mumbai-based reggae and urban music outfit Bombay Bassment, known for their high-energy performances, are back with a new EP called OK, Dance, packed with infectious rhythms and carnivalesque sounds.

The new release will also be accompanied by a series of gigs around the country for the three-man act through May and June, including appearances in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Delhi.

Formed in 2010 as a four-piece act, the line-up today consists of Bobkat (Robert Omulo, MC), Ruell (Ruell Barretto, bass) and MajorC (Chandrashekhar Kunder, samples/percussion).

With fun at the centre of everything they do, Bombay Bassment’s music-making philosophy has seen few changes since 2010. The Mumbai-based urban music act, which has two albums under its belt – Bombay Bassment and Bombay Bassment X FUNC VIP – and even an appearance at Glastonbury to its name, has earned a reputation for its uninhibited live performances and playful energy that makes hip-shaking compelling.

 Their new EP, OK, Dance delivers on all that Bombay Bassment are known for. The five tracks traverse the lanes of reggae, hip-hop, Afro-beats and street style, and stay true to the theme of the album, delineated in the name. Dance, is what each track is tailored to initiate, and should appeal to fans, and even non-fans, of Bombay Bassment.

For the EP, as the title suggests, we wanted to make people have a good time, dance!” is Bombay Bassment’s simple explanation behind making the EP.  “Over the years, we’ve figured that our forte is moving the crowds, young and old. We might drop a conscious track or two, but we’re in our element when we have an arena packed with people dancing and happily singing along. Our sound has also evolved with time, picking up a more electronically-edged character. That’s just a technological thing. We still have acoustic drums and the bass as the foundation but Major C can now throw in more than just old school styled audio samples. OK, Dance is midway between our first and second albums, both are diametric opposites, so we’ve found that sweet spot between with this EP,” the band added.


  1. Yes Yes All
  2. Put Em Up
  3. Miss Goody
  4. Party Party
  5. Pump It Up

Five-city tour through May and June

To promote their third release, Bombay Bassment will be travelling across the country performing at festivals and venues.

Gig details


City: Mumbai

Date: May 27

Day: Saturday

Venue: Bonobo


City: Pune

Date: May 28

Day: Sunday

Venue: High Spirits


City: New Delhi

Date: June 22

Day: Thursday

Venue: Bandstand


City: Bangalore

Date: June 24

Day: Saturday

Venue: blueFROG