Bhumi Goura Prema Founder and Artistic


Q. About the project: Bhumi

Ans: Living in India for the past decade has really taken a toll on my health. I have lost so much weight and sometimes have difficulty breathing while sitting in traffic. The place where I call home, Delhi, is the most polluted city in the world tied with Beijing China. A Harvad International Review says the main cause of New Delhi’s air pollution is car exhaust and dust kicked up from overcrowded roads.

India is the motherland and the country that people from all around the world look up to spiritually. People around the world are practicing yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, Vipasana and they are transforming their lives with the ancient wisdom and culture. Why can’t India be setting the trends environmentally? Why can’t India be eating organically, using solar panelling and recycling all the plastic products? Don’t we worship the mother cow, why are we neglecting the cow now and allowing them to roam the streets unprotected?

Bhumi as a production will bring attention to Bhumi as our mother, a Goddess, a being of love and light. How we should live in harmony on this planet. Practice yoga, meditation and conscious living.

Q. Result/Response of the Project so far:

Ans: We received a standing ovation in a fully packed house at Kamani auditorium where the production was debuted. We are also receiving such positive feedback and opportunities to take the show on the road from various companies.

Q. Advantages associated with the Project:

Ans: We want to raise the environmental awareness in India, the motherland.

Q. Marketing Strategy to connect with the TG for the project.

Ans: We could use help with this.