Experiential music festival Holi Moo! announces line-up for March 13

Oceantied - Credit - Neville SukhiaOne of India’s longest running music festivals, Holi Moo! (erstwhile Holi Cow) will return for its 11th edition on March 13 in Delhi. Holi Moo! which expanded to Hyderabad last year returns to Telagana after a successful first edition.

Now a tradition for music fans in Delhi, Holi Moo! has grown from a modest, informal, jamming session at a farmhouse among a few musicians in 2006 to a multi-genre, multi-stage music festival that is now held in two cities and features up to 60 artists.

Right from its inception, the dream of this festival has been to create a creative eco-system that is inclusive and an experience that is ultra-vibrant. This year’s Holi Moo! festival marks another successful peg in the evolution of the festival as we seed collaborations not just with artists but with leading tastemakers of our scene. Our focus has always been on intensifying the experience of holi as a cultural step forward, every year. With Wild City, Roost and Krunk curating stages, we believe our audiences will have even more to look forward to,” the organisers of Holi Moo! said..

DJ Mo City

Inspired by the festival Holi, which signifies the end of winter and the start of spring, Holi Moo! combines the traditional revelry and irreverence of the festival of colour, Holi, with a mix of music, art and culture that finds lots of takers with audiences from around the world. Foreign visitors comprise 60 per cent of the Holi Moo! audience, with people travelling from as far as Colombia and Australia.

What’s new at Holi Moo!

Always encouraging of new acts, collaborations and sounds, this year’s edition of Holi Moo will seek to push the envelope a little bit further.

Holi Moo! Delhi: Like every year, there will be multiple stages showcasing different genres – world music, indie, electronica and hip-hop. Each stage has been curated by industry tastemakers, ensuring names and sounds that are exciting and established.

In what will be a heartening first, the world music stage will be an all-women stage with some of the country’s leading artists performing. The indie stage, which over the years has showcased new sounds and collaborations has been curated by cultural hub and Hauz Khas Village venue Roost. Alternative culture specialists and online music magazine Wild City will assemble the line-up for the electronica stage. The fourth stage, for the first time, will introduce a colourful smattering of the sounds of hip-hop, reggae, dancehall and trap.

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Holi Moo! Hyderabad: The day-long festival that made its debut in Hyderabad in 2016 returns after making a great first impression. Like last year, it will feature a stage for live acts and another for electronic music acts and the line-up is being curated in partnership with Mumbai-based artist management agency, Krunk.

Curtain Blue - Photo credit - Parikshit Deshpande

What else to expect at Holi Moo!

It’s not just genre-defying music that one gets to savour at Holi Moo! Festival musts include playing with eco-friendly, organic gulaal (available in abundance) and taking a dip in the inflatable pools dotted around the venue. Stilt walkers, roving minstrels and dhol performers add to the festive fervour, while attendees get to savour traditional Holi delicacies and international favourites like pizzas and grills in an environment that’s safe, secure and welcoming for all age groups. Specially-crafted colourful cocktails for the weekend are always a big draw at the bars, as are the herbal concoctions that the festival is known for.